Can new technologies make paperwork less of a burden? Most of us invest time and effort to keep our personal administration organised. Nevertheless, when asked to provide certain documents, we often end up not knowing exactly what to present. 

PaperSafe is a new service for ABN clients, to help them deal with the bureaucracy surrounding typical banking procedures. Clients and their bank advisor can exchange documents and communicate through the app, to ensure they both come prepared to in-person meetings. Special functionalities were added to increase the clients’ privacy and control, while still making them feel supported in the whole process.


Client project
May 2015

DIO Design for ABN AMRO



  • Customer journey and service blueprint
  • Concept development, from first ideas to wireframes
  • Interaction and UI design, clickable prototype



We decided to keep the design of the interface very clear and simple, similar to other archiving services, to provide a feeling of familiarity.

The app’s structure is minimal and it is organised following the same passages described in the leaflets related to each operations, to improve transparency and guidance. 

Clients are in control: they are owners and administrators of the “strongbox”, while bank employees are given access to it as reviewers. 




We designed a clean and simple interface, which integrates new functionalities specifically designed to increase transparency, trust and control. 

A pre-made “checklist” helps both parties to keep track and review the documents that must be collected to set up a specific operation within the bank (e.g. requesting a mortgage).

Advanced “viewing” options give clients control over whom can access their documents, when, and for how long.