Microsoft Research launched a brief called “Work 2020”, where students had to design a product/service that would fit the work environment of the future. I envisioned a future scenario in which people would work more independently rather than in big companies.

In the future scenario I envisioned, the number of independent workers would increase in all professions. It would become more difficult to get expert/technical knowledge on a specific problem, as people won’t be sitting together in the same company anymore. Pikpoke is an electronic badge that helps independent workers build a meaningful working network. It supports “one-man companies” to get the expert knowledge that they need in order to progress with their work.


Academic project
February 2012

MSc Design for Interaction
IDE Faculty, TU Delft 

In collaboration with Microsoft Research



  • Set up and conduct of user research
  • Data analysis
  • Definition of “interaction vision”
  • Concept development
  • Prototyping and user tests


I conducted context mapping research with self-employed people in co-working spaces. 

They expressed their difficulty of having useful and meaningful conversations during “collective moments” (e.g. conferences, meet-ups, …).

I focused on designing a solution that would help them spot the “most resourceful” people within a big crowd, without spoiling the human-to-human interaction.

I prototyped and tested different solutions, with a “research-through-design” approach.





Pikpoke is a product/service system. An app allows each user to register professional information in it, prior to a “collective moment”. Information can be organised on different levels of specificity (from their general title to the specific piece of knowledge they need at that moment).

Based on this information, two Pikpoke will emit lights when they detect a potential profile match.

By rotating the diaphragm in front of the light users can set the “specificity” of the research (e.g. open to meet other people on a general level, or willing to talk only with people that hold knowledge on a specific topic).