Musculoskeletal injuries are experienced by 8 out of 10 people during a lifetime. They cause physical pain and have a big impact on our lives. Many people wait too long to consult a professional, and when they do they have difficulties in keeping up with the therapy. 

Fysio24 aims at supporting patients that suffer from musculoskeletal issues in adhering to their therapy and recovering effectively. It provides expert knowledge and coaching available anytime and anywhere, while giving people the tools and triggers to recover from injuries independently. Fysio24 can be used as a digital support to an offline therapy, or as a online-only platform.



Internal project
March 2015

DIO Design and Floos



  • user research set up and conduct
  • definition of customer journey and service blueprint
  • concept development, from first ideas to wireframes



We chose a specific target group as early adopters: dynamic professionals, with changing routines, that lack the time to take on traditional physiotherapy.

We decided to shift the focus on the journey rather than the result, and to make it prominent in the design too.

We created a channel for communication with physiotherapist, as research showed us how important it is to properly tailor the therapy.




Fysio24 is an app that support patients remotely in their journey towards recovery. The therapy is divided in small steps, easy to fit in one’s busy schedule. 

A real expert is assigned to each patient, to prepare their plans and give proper feedback on the process. 

Direct communication, flexible planning and a gamified approach contribute to actively engage people in their recovery.