Epilepsy has a profound impact on people’s lives. A life with epilepsy is a life of uncertainty, as one never knows when an attack will strike. There is no simple cure, but a hopeful future lies in building resilience, in growing to embrace the condition. 

Epliepic is a tool that supports teenage patients in rebuilding their sense of self. It encourages people to address their bad days and the feelings of failure. It triggers and supports personal growth and acceptance through goal setting, persuasive support and reflection. A private community enhances the feeling of not being alone, as others might have stumbled upon similardifficulties before.




Internal project
April 2015

DIO Design @ Epilepsy Hackathon, UCB



  • Customer journey and service blueprint
  • Concept development and wireframes
  • Interaction and UI design
  • Clickable prototype


Adolescence can be quite a challenging time by itself. We experiment with our identity and look for different experiences. For an epileptic person most of these experiences are out of reach and can become life-threatening. 

We wanted to put all experiences of epileptic teenagers into perspective, to celebrate successes and help them in reframing their “failures” into moments of growth and reflection upon their condition.



We built an app, a diary that is part of an anonymous and private community. 

Through the app people pick up the important components of their lives and transform them into goals. Each goal is then split into “sub-goals” that build on each other.

The gamified approach motivates people in trying to achieve the goal. Expressive writing functionalities help to reflect on each step of the journey.